[UC2OFS051] – Virtual Reflection

Today's tutorial and activities revolved around setting up virtual machines and general hardware choices in computer builds. I've decided to stick with my current VMs, as I have a running VM of Windows 10 and Kali already, with snapshots to revert to for convenient sandboxing. However, for the sake of comparison and trying things out, I've installed Mint as well just in case future tutorials might be Mint-specific in some way.

I've decided to (re)name my systems into a naming convention that makes sense to me, OFS-(OSName), so OFS-Win10, OFS-Kali and OFS-Mint. I don't really understand (yet?) why I need to plan the names of users, or if that implies my accounts, or potential other users on the computer in a server hierarchy or something. So I go with my default username for all systems that are exclusively mine, TheComposer (Or "The Composer" if the username allows spacing).

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