[UC2OFS051] – Programs, Processes & Files

See, I've always thought of myself as someone that has a fair amount of knowledge and experience with computers. While my sister got a dollhouse and some accessories to play with as a kid, I got a disposable computer which my dad had brought home from Merkantildata as it was called at the time. He figured (I guess, in retrospect) that I'd enjoy tinkering with that as much as any other kid would tinker with Lego. Naturally it was well above and beyond my understanding at the time, but my faint memory still remembers that I was quite fascinated and intrigued by the machine standing in the middle of my bedroom, a half-open cabinet with a few loose cables hanging out.

During the couple of lectures this week, it struck me that I've never actually stopped to think about the exact specifics of how certain things in a computer works (including the software / OS). So while for example going through how processes operate and how their life cycles work, wasn't exactly an unknown abstract to think about, I realized I've never actually thought about it. I've grown up with computers, and have explored them enough to see for myself, and admittedly brick a few OSes or crash a couple of systems from trying things out, but still...

Though, I can't really confidently say I understand the whole Round Robin ordeal with CPU scheduling yet. I think I understand, but perhaps I just missed how you determine what the time quantum is, or if that's a fixed thing (doubt it). Perhaps that's just always determined and declared, I'm just not sure. I tend to overly question these things.


So, for example in the activity task we had, if I understand correctly, due to the linear arrival time, it'd process P1 through P6 with a Quantum of 4. So P1 would process for 4ms and be moved to the back of the queue with 4ms remaining. Then the next three (P2-4) has a Burst Time of 4 or less, so they'd all complete. Then It'd process P5, bring that down to 5ms remaining and put it behind P1 in the queue.

Then, it'd complete P6 which only has a 1ms Burst Time, at the 19th ms of operation time total, then finish up P1 which has 4ms remaining, and then complete P5 a full 4ms burst, then another with the remaining 1ms and complete that as well.

I'm fairly certain I've understood that bit correctly. It's just the Quantum time and how/where to determine that if it isn't declared in an activity like this that confuses me.

Fairly cool and informative start to this course though. Very useful. While familiar in concept, I feel it has helped me be more confident and knowledgeable in how computers actually work.

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