[UC2OFS051] – Ibuxes and Linuxes

So I've been down with the flu for a while. Set me back a bit, but I've tinkered some with Mint on my own. I remain principally not a fan of Linux based systems, but that is purely based on my philosophies and preferences. That doesn't mean I recognize what people value in Linux or why some even prefer it.

However, these past few days have done nothing to help change my mind. I believe I've followed every step correctly and set up a few VMs with different Linux variants (Kali, Mint and Ubuntu, specifically). Kali remains my preference still.

I've spent a bit of time familiarizing myself with Linux in a general sense, recognizing I don't have enough time after my time in bed to do it all thoroughly. I've been stuck at following a couple of the tutorials and activities. To be bluntly honest, I'm not really sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if there's something local that restricts me. For example, I used to run a personal VPN from my laptop to my stationary before, but ever since I moved last summer, that has stopped working. The only difference being that I'm on a new network, wireless instead of wired, and unfortunately I don't have access to the router or permission to log in on it to have a look. So I'm worried that it's simply just my network where I live that is giving me problems. Which is stressful, because the assessment were posted recently. I skimmed through it and will have to figure this out at some point. Perhaps I can find some other place to try with a different network. Though for now, I guess I should put it on hold and give it a night's rest, perhaps a fresh mind will be more apt at tackling it. There's also a few more lectures to go through.

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