[UC1ST1102] – Roadblocks

Last half of March and the majority of April was the second most roughest month period of my life. I was struck with a pneumonia lasting a month, an atypical occurrence in my left lung, the same one that has scar tissue from an earlier tearing and blood clot. I don't really have words to express the pain and lack of ability to be human during that time. Let's just say I've been in bed for a month straight.

I'm not really sure if there's any learning experience to draw from it, other than it helps the group to keep them in the loop and informed, even when you're incapacitated, so that they know what they're working with. Turns out Vetle was sick too, and we both got an extension on the current assignment. We'll both be quite busy catching up with weeks of missed lectures and tutorials.

We're tackling that by dedicating two days back-to-back with studio to try and see how the Pi runs with the shell on it and build upon it so that it can to some extent drive around in a stable manner.

By now I believe there's a mutual understanding that we won't get to see the ideal completed Dalek we had set out to make. We never found a solution to extending the pins of the Pi to connect both the camera and the audio at the same time, and reverse-engineering the car and somehow making it able to be controlled through the computer is way beyond our knowledge. So all we can do now is "complete" it on a theoretical level, under the assumption that we could.  Then scrap together the experiences we've had for a better approach in the next year's studio.

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