[UC1ST1102] – Preliminary thoughts

Around 24 hours left until deadline of the assessment… I was just lucky to notice the deadline for this reflection journal to be in a few hours. Almost made the mistake of assuming something and expecting it to be some time after, or at the same time as the main assessment. Whew!

Unfortunately, I’m almost certain I haven’t fully understood a part of the assessment. More specifically the second bit with writing sql queries in a text document. I can do it in Python, I can do it in the document, just not… Cross-document. Maybe I’m not supposed to? I don’t know, it’s unclear to me. But how I understand the task is that I’m supposed to write queries in tinygearz_queries.sql that queries the tables in tinygearz_setup.sql ? I haven’t been able to figure out how to apply inheritances to sql, to read or import that document into another .sql document. I’m suspecting that’s rather done in console, and the .sql just provides the queries or something, but at this point I need to prioritize and finish up the main python implementation instead. Perhaps I’ll have spare time in the end to figure it out.

I wonder if it’s normal among professionals to love programming, but more so the opposite for databases. Perhaps it’s just the creative in me. Programming is in some ways like building with lego, or composing an orchestral soundtrack. Databases feel like secretary work. I don’t know, other than I do know databases won’t be my big personal drive and motivation in the future. Which is fine, I believe. Putting on management’s boots, it’s better to have a team that is self-aware of their weaknesses and a finger in the ground to know where to allocate assets. So in a team environment, I’m fairly sure that’s exactly what I’d go for.

But…! I do find it useful. Boring, but definitely necessary. I’ve had a long lasting hobby of tinkering with websites, and setting up various community resources, forums, etc. So I’ve indirectly introduced myself to MySQL through that. Now I feel like I have a better general sense and understanding of databases, enough so that if I find time after studies to get into that again, this newfound knowledge may come to use.

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