[UC1ST1102] – Insert Another Coin

Vetle and I were pushing our way through Programming & Databases, diligently and fiercely working through one lecture after another, burying tutorials into the ground and scratching them off the to-do list. We had a plan. Him and I would get it done by today, so that we'd have three days to work on our final presentation video.

The fault in the plan? For the first time in all deliverables we've had throughout the first year, this one wasn't due on a Friday or Thursday. It was due a few hours ago.


We're now just hiding under our blankets in shame, crossing fingers that everything else is enough. At least it has taught us a valuable lesson to chart out deadline times ahead of time. We knew it was this week, but had made the mistake of assumptions, assuming it'd be on Friday like any other deadline we've gotten used to.

All on us, I guess. Could rationalize and argue a lot of ways, but ultimately we missed it. Two of us were heavily distracted, the other two probably had their own issues to be busy with too.

Purely for my own sake, the video would basically have been our progress report in a live format anyway. There's not like I feel we missed out on a learning experience, so in one way, we learned more from failing at noticing its deadline. That's the most positive spin I can take on it!

So, here's for inserting another coin. Hopefully it's enough with what we've got to pass a decent enough first attempt at studio, and we now know what we face and what to expect for round two.

Game on.

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