[UC1ST1102] – Inner Wirings

We delegated some tasks over the previous meeting, as we all agreed it's time to amp up the tempo and step up to the next gear. The last few months will surely pass at the blink of an eye. Before we know it, deadlines will push on one after another.

I'm at a bit of a loss though. Called my electrician uncle, googled to Narnia and back, but not much luck yet in regards of  finding out how to connect all of the components together. We also need to deconstruct the car and figure out a way to hook into its chip and find a way to send and receive signals to control it through a computer interface.

So many unresolved challenges, and not really any particular promising approach to it yet. Hopefully some of the others in my group have some success in their research and delegated jobs.

To be fair, if I'm to think back then we should have realized. We knew none of us had experience with working with electronics and hardware. I honestly don't think that'll be our forte either. So for next year, I'll make sure that whoever I work with and I choose a project that is within our field of experience, or at least enough to have something to work from and stretch out from there into less known challenges to push ourselves.

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