[UC1PR2101] – Strangling the Python

Pythons eat on average four to five times a year, just as much as I’ve interacted with Python. Which is not good, to be quite frank. Good for me, anyway. I feel rusty now as I try to pick up Python again, in preparations to work on the assessment. The saving grace is to look back at my project files for the previous programming course as a refresher. I don’t consider myself particularly skilled with Python, but I do feel I have a decent mind for programming. Decent enough to know my first Python project was absolute crap! Hehe.

Well, not exactly crap. Unorganized, perhaps. It’s functional, solid, does what it set out to do, but in no way innovative or clean. Which is why I dedicated most of this morning to figuring out inheritances and operating cross-files in Python. Mostly because that’s what I’m used to from my projects in Larian Studios’ toolkit, and the capability to say, write functions in one file, and the menu configuration in its own file, then perhaps user interactions in a third.

So far, following lectures haven’t really… Paid off? To clarify that, I’m a very visual-practical oriented guy, I need to see and try things done in practice in order to understand it. Someone, or some text just verbally telling me how something works or how to do something, rarely if ever works at all. So nearly all year, watching lectures have been more about not missing out on important info, rather than learning the content itself. There’s the occasional “A-ha!” of course, and it’s by no means a waste, it’s just not an efficient learning method for me. I am enjoying this course though, and it’s comfortable to listen to the lecturer, which is important to me. There’s been a few cases where I’ve struggled understanding what someone says, because of their accents. So it’s partially been about understanding what they’re saying, rather than what they’re talking about. Thus, I’m happy with this course so far. Even when I find learning new things of this nature very hard and reliably empties my pack of Ibux.

In the coming days, I’ll have to look into learning how to use SQLite with Python.

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