[UC1PR2101] – A slightly CRUD(E) awakening

I've had to step away for a few days, and already feel really behind. Not really sure what can be a good solution for times like this either. What I mean by that is, I have some obligations that can't be ignored, just like school, and sometimes they overlap. So my week isn't really Monday-Friday structured, rather improvising week-to-week which days are most suitable as that week's weekend.

Thinking back to the first programming course we had, this next assessment will surely be at least the same amounts of time consuming efforts so I better find myself chipping at it early this time.

When it comes to this module of the course, I usually have a hard time with new "coding" languages. Doubt SQLite3 actually qualifies, but either way. There's so much for my head that it takes a while to consume and process. I got into Larian Studios' development tools last year to work on creations for their game, and had to learn their in-house scripting languages without documentation to go by, or a mentor to trade questions with. That was rough.

Though I got through, and that is practically a second mother's tongue now, so my thoughts always go back to that when I feel I'll never get or understand something.


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