[UC1IIS052] – End of Line for this time

Well, snap.

When the assessment was made a long while ago, I immediately downloaded it as soon as it was available. The reason I do this, or try to anyway, is because I like to obtain a "problem", or a task to overcome early and let it linger in the mind for a while.

Forward until delivery day, I submit my finalized .pdf.

I noticed one link at the very bottom, beyond the seminars and assessment pages, a Zoom link. A separate stream where the lecturer spoke about the assessment. Most of what he said there turned out to be, or at least as I understand it to be, the same conclusions I had drawn. Not to panic, being introductionary and all that.

But... Somehow, I had misinterpretet or misread the max word count. It seems to be a big deal for him. Which is an unfortunate human mistake, I suppose. I've been borderline beating myself up about it, but ultimately it's my fault for overlooking it. My best reflective guess looking back is that I just didn't expect files to be located after the final assessment in the Moodle directory. So it never occurred to me to check.

I'm fine with it now though, after some rest and coffee. Whilst obvious to some extent, now I know not to get too comfortable with one lecturer's setup for the month, as it evidently can vary. Hopefully, it's a learning curve and I can bring this with me in the future and be more diligent on the look out for overlooked links.

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