[UC1IIS052] – Physical Security

Today's subject about Physical Security had me thinking about a few stories my dad told once. This was told a while back, so the details are a bit fuzzy but the principles and ideologies remain the same.

They were hired by a local hospital to upgrade some of their computer systems and providing them with satisfactory security measures, so that they could conveniently store patient credentials and information accessible for the hospital staff. A fairly straight forward and basic job, you would think. Though, no matter what porposal they brought forward or suggestions that were made, the hospital was not happy. The disagreements were so severe, they ended up cancelling the job as either proposal was either too complicated, or too expensive. The hospital ended up with deciding to have a billboard on the wall by the receptionist, with post-it notes for current patients, including full names, the room they were in and immediate notes about their situation.

Another job was setting up a server room. The company had bought pretty big, fancy server "boxes", I'm not sure what they're called. Racks to keep servers in with a lockable door. Though the company decided to have the keys hanging on a knob nearby.


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