An update on Chronicles’ work

Over the summer, I began working on a re-iteration of Divine Scaling which is a supplementary dependency for Chronicles of Divinity in order to make balancing and combat design easier in the long run.

Divine Scaling aimed to allow players to scale enemy levels and adjust some parameters to fine-tune the difficulty for themselves. However, it did have flaws and quirks to learn from, which I try to fix in the upcoming Divine Scaling 2 mod.

Once that is functionally 'done', I've got plans of porting over assets from my now rather messy asset collection, and tidy up a bit. Move the usable assets over to a Shared Library which I'll share with the public as well so that they can utilize it as a dependency of their own. That way, we all get more toys to play with, while avoiding to make users have to download a lot of the same assets multiple times, or re-download any time there's an update to the main projects.

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