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Artist, Thinker, Creative Doer

Programmed for Creativity

During my quest of finding my place in this world, I've practically lived among and in computers; Using them for creative outlets with my music, writing and development interests.

It all started with music - Finding ways to utilize the computer to compose sountracks emoting stories and expressions I wanted to share. Then I needed an online presence to share it, learning and experimenting with building a website and portfolio.  To achieve that, I needed to dabble in programming.

I believe that a wider field of work helps keep my mind and approach innovative  and sharp. A goal can be achieved though multiple means of solutions, you just need to... See them.

Which leads us here. You... Reading about me. Perhaps some of my experiences and skills may be interesting to your ongoing plans, and do contact me if that happen to be the case.

My Skills

Original Music

Conjure up compositions fitting for your project with a wide toolset and flexibility.

Game Development

Extensive experience with developing video games. (Primarily mapping and game design / story-quest design)

Cyber Security (Current Study)

Consult and aid with securing your network and systems from malicious activities. (Current field of study.)


Website Management / Photography / Video Editing / Story writing / Quality Assurance


8 Years of Experience



Cyber Security [Bachelor]

Noroff University College (NUC)

Bachelor program about securing digital systems from cyber attacks, cyber crime and digital warfare.


English Linguistics

University of Oslo

Spent a year studying advanced English linguistics.


Media & Communications

Lillestrøm VGS

Photohraphy / Video production / Audio engineering


June 2005 - Current

Music Composer


Providing professional sounding music for clients.

October 2017 - Current

Game Development: Chronicles of Divinity


Creating an expansion to Divinity: Original Sin 2 using Larian Studio's development engine.


X-Factor | Camera Assistant


Assisting with operating the main crane camera for live production.

Design Skills

Composing Music

Game Design

Web Design

Coding Skills






My Best Works
Chronicles of Divinity

Chronicles of Divinity

Game Development, Modding


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Kristiansand, Norway

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